Beginner Bulk Bundle

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What do I get?

New to TENGA? Well then, allow us to introduce the Introducing the Beginner Bulk Bundle: made for those who are blessed with bulging… biceps. This set features a variety of big sensations.

The Beginner Bulk Bundle contains:

U.S. TENGA Original Vacuum CUP
U.S. TENGA Soft Tube CUP
U.S. TENGA Double Hole CUP

What’s in it for me?

Three classic CUPs to introduce you to TENGA. Let’s go through them one by one.

First off, the U.S. TENGA Original Vacuum CUP.

The big brother of the one that started it all - a firm case, hourglass figure (for a sublime constriction point) and the all-important air hole where the CUP gets its suction from. The combination of these three incredibly-engineered features and the boost in size and suction power is certain to satisfy all tastes and anatomies!

Time to strengthen your grip with the U.S. TENGA Soft Tube CUP.

Featuring the same suction functionality and soft internal details as the U.S. TENGA Original Vacuum CUP, the Soft Tube CUP switches up the sensations with a soft case. Tighten your grip to apply more pressure and strengthen those wrists at the same time!


You thought we'd go easy on you?
The U.S. TENGA Double Hole CUP gives deeper double stimulation in a single CUP. Enter from the Sweet Side for a soft, enveloping sensation and then again from the Bitter Side for a stronger, constricting cavity. Or mix it up and go the other way - you'll feel the heat whichever order you try. After all, you're the boss, boss!

The best part about everything in the Beginner Bulk Bundle is that they're all totally commitment free. Once you're done, just wrap them up and throw them away (according to your local waste disposal rules, of course). No hassle, no fuss, fun, and super-discreet to boot.

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