TENGA Tone-Up Trio

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What do I get?

New to TENGA? Well then, allow us to introduce the TENGA Tone-Up Trio: the best start to any pleasure routine. Featuring three of our most iconic toys, to induct you into the world of sensations TENGA has to offer.

The TENGA Tone-Up Trio contains:

TENGA Original Vacuum CUP
Premium TENGA Original Vacuum CUP

What’s in it for me?

You'll get no better introduction to TENGA than these three. Let’s go through them one by one.

First off, the Original Vacuum CUP.

This is the toy that started it all - a firm case, hourglass figure (for a sublime constriction point) and the all-important air hole where the CUP gets its suction from. All three of these features combine to create sensations that are out-of-this world.

 Worked up a sweat?

You ain't seen nothing until you've tried out the Premium Original Vacuum CUP. Similar in form and function to the Original Vacuum CUP, the Premium version features upgraded internal details, materials, and lotion for a more luxurious experience.


Time for a cool-down.
The EGG Wavy II is a fan-favorite from our iconic EGG Series. Pop open the case to reveal the elastomer with the rippled interior. EGGs aren't restricted by the hard case like the CUPs, so you can stretch and twist to your heart's’ desire! Just be sure to use all the EGG Lotion included within!
The best part about everything in the TENGA Tone-Up Trio is that they're all totally commitment free. Once you're done, just wrap them up and throw them away (according to your local waste disposal rules, of course). No hassle, no fuss, fun, and super-discreet to boot.

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