Why You Should Check Out the TENGA AERO Silver Ring

Are you looking for a reusable TENGA item that is loaded with different settings to make the excitement last over time? Are you a fan of the suction sensations that TENGA products such as the AIR FLOW CUP bring to the table? The TENGA AERO Silver Ring provides both of these aspects and an unforgettable experience that can change with every use.

Keep reading to find out why the TENGA AERO Silver Ring might be the perfect reusable TENGA item for you!


 The TENGA AERO Silver Ring

The TENGA AERO Series brings a level of customization that is unprecedented in the world of male masturbators.

Here are the features that make the AERO Silver Ring an outstanding product:

  • Adjustable Aero Dial - ten different levels of suction to choose from
  • Silver Ring - the internal details and ring offer spiral surroundings designed for a tight squeeze
  • Sleek design - the AERO’s futuristic design makes it stand out as a top-tier item
  • Removable elastomer - easy to wash for reusability
  • Included drying stand - for hygienic air drying

With ten different settings, an innovative design, and easy washability, the TENGA AERO Silver Ring is truly an impressive item. 

A Quick History of the TENGA AERO Series

The TENGA AERO won a Red Dot award for Product Design in 2021, along with the TENGA CUP Series
The AERO was released in Europe in April of 2021, launching TENGA into a new level of innovative technology.
The AERO was released with two different designs, the Silver Ring design for those that enjoy spiraling sensations, as well as the Cobalt Ring for those who enjoy suctioning surfaces.
The TENGA AERO Series is a special item in the TENGA lineup thanks to its Aero Dial function. It’s the only TENGA item with ten different levels of suction in one device, making it one of the most technical and personalizable reusable TENGA products.


Priced at $60 each, the TENGA AERO Series serves as a mid-range reusable product that is the perfect choice for someone interested in trying a new sex toy with a cool look and endless possibilities. Here is a breakdown of the AERO products available:

The TENGA AERO Silver Ring: Pleasure from spiraling surroundings!

The TENGA AERO Cobalt Ring: Pleasure from suctioning surfaces!

With two different types to choose from, either one is bound to be a sensational experience. If you’d like more information on how to use an AERO product you can check out our blog on it here. If you’re interested but still want to take a look at other 2021 best-selling TENGA pleasure products, you can check out our guide here.


The TENGA AERO Silver Ring is one of TENGA’s most unique reusable products, perfectly merging futuristic form with customizability. Hopefully, this article has convinced you to check out this amazing product, maybe as a gift for yourself or for a friend. If you are looking to buy a new sex toy this year, check out our top 5 reusable TENGA products for ideas on products loved by other TENGA customers.

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