Has this ever happened to you? You’ve invested good money into buying a masturbator, and when you try it out, it doesn't work. It can be a frustrating situation when your sex toy isn't working and you want to feel some pleasure right away.

In Part One of WHY IS MY TENGA NOT WORKING, we discussed a few issues that you may encounter with your elastomer sleeve. We explained how those “issues” were actually designed into the elastomer to make it work better.

In this article, we will be talking about your vibrating TENGA sex toy and what you can do if you encounter some trouble.

Try these tips before determining whether the item is broken or not, and you may just find your experience less stressful, as well as realize that your TENGA vibrating item may not actually be broken.


  • Troubleshooting Tips
  • For the FLIP ZERO EVR
  • For the TENGA/iroha SVR (Smart Vibe Ring)
  • Anything Else?
  • Refunds Are More than Just A Money Issue
  • If All Else Fails
  • In Conclusion
  • Troubleshooting Tips

    Troubleshooting could solve an easily solvable problem

    Often in working with our customers, we find that there are cases in which the item was not actually broken. There were just a few steps that the customer forgot to take before trying their item out.

    As we hope you will be able to enjoy your TENGA item as soon as possible, let's make sure that you have tried these steps out first before contacting us about a potential defective item.

    When we talk about vibrating TENGA toys, we are mainly referring to the FLIP Series that have vibration options, the FLIP ZERO EV, FLIP ZERO GRAVITY EV, and FLIP ZERO EVR. In addition, we have the TENGA/iroha SVR penis ring which also provides vibration sensations for both partners.


    These are two of our most popular vibrating male masturbators, so we do get a few questions about it. If you find that you cannot get the item to vibrate, keep these checks in mind:

    1. Keep on Pressing

    our power buttons were meant to be pressed for 4-5 seconds

    You'd be surprised that some people think that you only need to press the power button for a short second or even less in order to turn the item on. Please allow a good 4-5 seconds of pressing down on the power button to make sure the item is working. It's definitely worth the wait!

    once you get the item started, enjoy the full array of vibrations

    2. Charge Up the Item

    always good to keep the item fully charged

    Even though the unit may be charged when you receive it, we highly recommend charging the unit fully before first use. The item is charged and tested before it leaves the factory floor, but you never know how much energy is left. So please make sure you are fully charged before starting your session. You wouldn’t want it to stop in the middle!

    3. Check the Lights

    if the charging light is on, it's charging.  If it goes off, it's fully charged.

    When you first start recharging the item, you should see the recharging light turn ON*. If you don’t see a light, make sure that all connections are plugged in properly. You may even want to unplug and then plug back in just to check.

    *One note, if the item is fully charged, the light will shut off. But that’s not likely when you first receive the item and start your first charge. So if the recharging light does not go on when recharging, first check all connections. If that doesn’t work, check Step 4 below.

    4. Is Your Adapter OK?

    Yes, it is true that we do not provide an AC adapter. A lot of people these days no longer have use for them or they have too many. Also, many people simply charge their items from a PC and use the provided cable to charge up.

    If your adapter is malfunctioning, this could be the cause of not being able to recharge. If you have another adapter, or can use the USB port on your PC, you might try recharging from there.

    5. Check Your Connections

    First, check to see if the charging base or connections are wet, or have dirt/dust on them. Even if there is the smallest chance the connections have moisture or dirt on them, it can cause an issue with charging and with proper operation of the item.

    Also check that the connection points and the charging base/cables are in contact or are connected properly. Proper preventive maintenance will help ensure that your item is working at its best and will also help keep it running properly for a long time!

    6. Check Your Slide Arms

    If the slide arms are not properly in alignment with the main product body, it won’t make contact with the terminals, and it won’t vibrate. Make sure when you slide the slide arms into the Product Body rails that it has slid into the side rails properly on both sides. You wouldn’t want to ride on a passenger train that was derailed, you definitely don’t want to derail your vibration pleasure either!

    7. Water

    If you look into the clear elastomer from the internal details, do you see any corrosion on the wires or motors? This is a sign that water might have gotten in. This can happen if either the Slide Arms or Product Body are accidentally submerged in water and water begins seeping into a gap. DO NOT submerge the product in water.

    The connection points can also be damaged via electrolysis, as there may be a possibility that the connections were still wet and had electricity passing through them. You can see this at the connection points if they appear white and chalky. This is all the more reason to make sure all connections are dry before charging.

    As the User Manual suggests, after running the internal part of the elastomer through running water, wipe off with a dry cloth and dry on the drying stand, which also serves as the slide arms. Make sure you give the internal details a good amount of time to air dry. Locations can vary the time to dry. Especially please keep this in mind if you live in a humid or tropical climate.

    Always make sure your item is fully dry!

    On an additional note, the slide arms were not meant to bend. Trying to push the u-shaped part outward or inward can also force water into the slide arms and cause damage if wet.

    8. Too Much Lotion?

    Too much lotion can spill out!

    While we do love our TENGA Lotions, sometimes too much of a good thing can be not only messy, but can lead to trouble. Some people are unaware that the FLIP Series items do have a hole designed into the elastomer at the opposite end of where you insert.

    These were made purposely to allow air to escape and give you a more enveloping feel around your shaft, creating a stronger suction sensation. So when you let the lotion overflow, it may also overflow out of the internal details and seep out to the external elastomer. Since the lotion is water-based, if it accidentally gets into the wiring or anything electric, like the connectors, it could cause a short circuit and disable the vibration. It’s not likely, but we can’t say it will never happen.

    We normally recommend roughly 10-20 ml of lotion to be used each time. The sample packet of lotion that is included is about 10 ml. In addition, be careful not to let any liquids get into any of the connections by unplugging connections when not in use and wiping off any excess liquids as thoroughly as you can.

    For the FLIP ZERO EVR

    the EVR can do some incredible things. just make sure the anchor seal is off

    Did you take the soft oval ring off the top? There is a transport anchor ring covering one of the charging terminals. It was placed at the top of the FLIP ZERO EVR connection terminal for shipping purposes to help stabilize it during shipping. It is also mentioned in our User Manual. It’s such a small part and the color blends in with the device, so people often forget. You could have tried to charge for hours or days and it still would not have charged in this condition. So please make sure that you remove the anchor ring from the unit as soon as you open your package.

    make sure the anchor ring is off

    For the TENGA/iroha SVR (Smart Vibe Ring)

    follow many of the steps for troubleshooting as the FLIP 0 EV

    If you purchased one of the small but powerful SVRs and have trouble with the item not vibrating, we also ask if you could try Steps 1-5 in the previous example with the FLIP Series vibrating items. Sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference.

    Please note that the SVR will not vibrate while the charging cable is still connected. Please disconnect the cable and press and hold the button to turn the SVR on.

    In addition, a lot of electrical malfunctions often come when washing the unit. While the SVR is immersible in water (up to 50 cm/20 inches), do not immerse for any longer than you need to clean the item. Wipe dry with a cloth and allow to air dry or use a toy cleaner suitable for silicone toys. (Note: We will be introducing a new toy cleaner soon. So stay tuned for details).

    Water - as we mentioned previously, water and electricity just don’t seem to get along. So just as with the FLIP ZERO EV products, please be sure that all connections are thoroughly dried and ensure there is no dirt or water residue remaining before each charging or use. We really want you to enjoy your products for a long time!

    Anything Else?

    Did we forget something? Refer to our FAQ site.

    If at any time you have trouble plugging into any of the connections, do not try to use force. Check both ends of the connection and see if there is any debris or something blocking either side. Also be sure to visually inspect both ends of the connection to make sure you have the right connectors.

    Some of our TENGA and iroha charging cables may have been specially made only for the device. It’s like trying to stick a square peg into a round hole - it probably won’t fit and you could do some damage if you try to force something in that was never meant to fit.

    If you do need a new charging cable for your SVR, we have them for sale on our TENGA online store. They are quite inexpensive, and handy to have in case you misplace your original one (some of the customer issues we get do suggest a good number of people could use a spare in the future).

    Refunds Are More than Just A Money Issue

    Returns are difficult due to health and safety issues.

    Although extremely few, there are a handful of people who do ask for a refund after they decide that the item is broken, whether that is the case or not.

    Unfortunately, if you have opened the item, or even tried it out, we can no longer issue a refund. This is pretty standard among all of the largest retailers that sell adult toys. One reason is to protect the health and safety of our employees who would have to handle the returns. The other obvious reason is to protect the health and safety of customers like you.

    By reducing the number of “touches” an item is exposed to, we reduce the number of chances for infection. We cannot take even the slightest risk of exposing anyone to any potentially harmful infection or disease, especially in this day and age. People trust us with an important part of their livelihood, and we need to keep this policy for the health and safety of everyone.

    We do apologize if you feel this policy is excessive, but it has now become the standard among sex toy retailers. We are grateful for your understanding.

    If All Else Fails

    We are here to help!

    We do, however, offer replacements for defective items. In the process of working with you in determining that the item is indeed defective, we can process your request for a replacement. Please note, due to inventory issues we can only replace the defective item with the exact same model.

    So if you've made sure that you have proceeded with all the steps to make your TENGA vibrating toy work properly, and you still find it not working, contact us. Our Customer Service Department does a great job of handling your inquiries in a timely manner.

    The warranty period for electronic devices is one year from the date of purchase. Please make sure you keep your receipt and User Manual, which also contains the Product Warranty. We will require a snapshot of these items sent to us before we can even process a replacement.

    Also, be sure to keep your defective item, as we may need to have it sent back to us for inspection.

    When you contact our Customer Service Department, you will need the following pieces of information:

    - Name of model, color (white, black, etc.)
    - place of purchase
    - date of purchase (day/month/year)
    - photos of the item [including the damaged area]
    - photo of your receipt/proof of purchase
    - and if you purchased on TENGA Store USA, please also provide your order number (ex. 12345US-EC)

    By providing us with this information, it will make the process go much easier.

    In Conclusion

    We want you to be fully satisfied. Let us know if you have issues!

    As fellow TENGA users, we feel your pain. We never want you to have to suffer an issue with your pleasure. But in some cases, there are fixable issues that have a simple solution without having to contact us. It may be worth it to give them a try. In addition, please make sure you read the User Manual and keep it in a safe place. You will need it when you contact us.

    Please rest assured, if all else fails and you are at your wit’s end, we are always here for you.

    If you have any other questions besides the proper functioning of your vibrating sex toy, we do have a dedicated FAQ page which may help answer some of those questions we haven't answered here. 

    In any case, you hope we have helped you with your questions here. And please feel free to stop the TENGA Store anytime 24/7!

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