How Using Sex Toys for Couples Improves Intimacy

Ah, Valentine’s Day, that special occasion when couples set aside time to deepen their connection and nurture the intimacy in their relationship. Whether it involves a romantic dinner, a trip to the movies, or perhaps even exploring the realm of intimacy with the introduction of a sex toy – the latter might come as a surprise, but it's true. Incorporating sex toys for couples into your intimate moments can be a wonderful way to enhance the bond between you and your special someone.


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  • Effects on Relationships

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    We've mentioned this before, but as a relationship progresses, sexual satisfaction tends to decline. Does that mean your relationship is (sexually) doomed? Not really, but maintaining the spark requires effort. One effective way to reignite passion is by introducing a sex toy into the mix. Sex toys provide a pathway for couples to explore not only their own sexual preferences, but also those of their partner. Moreover, engaging in sexual activities can elevate oxytocin levels, the "love hormone", fostering a closer connection and potentially builds a stronger bond between partners

    How to Introduce Sex Toys

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    Let’s face it, while the stigma for sex toys is decreasing, there still is one. Because of this, It can be pretty embarrassing to be the first one to bring up using a sex toy. Like the other parts of maintaining a healthy relationship, communication is key.

    Talk to your partner about your concerns and what you want to try when it comes to sex toys. Remember, relationships are rarely a one way street and your partner may have things they want to try out as well. Lastly, feel free to say no to certain toys that may make you feel uncomfortable, and respect your partner if they aren’t comfortable with something you want to try. These kinds of conversations help build connections which then leads to stronger intimacy with your partner. And who knows, maybe you’ll discover pleasurable sensations you have never experienced before!
    TENGA SVR Smart Vibe Ring

    A Great First Sex Toy For Couples

    To fans of TENGA it won’t come as a surprise that we recommend the TENGA SVR as a “gateway” to couples toys. We just can’t help ourselves. It’s easy to use, packed with all sorts of pleasure features, and it’s designed to look discreet.
    Explore with your partner the five vibration strengths that the TENGA SVR offers to find the one that brings you the most pleasure. Perhaps you will both prefer the same intensity, or maybe your partner will enjoy a stronger setting than you do. The excitement lies in the experimentation. The TENGA SVR is a perfect addition to your Valentine's Day plans, adding a playful and intimate element to enhance your shared experience.


    It's safe to say that we all cherish the desire for intimacy with someone special, creating a bond that brightens our lives. However, as the initial burst of passion fades, maintaining intimacy requires a little extra fuel. Incorporating sex toys into your relationship can provide that spark and rejuvenate the connection between you and your partner.

    To those who are looking for something special for Valentine's day, now is the perfect time to grab a TENGA SVR. Right now you can get 500 pleasure points when you purchase a TENGA SVR. If that wasn’t enough, we are going to make it an even sweeter deal. You will also get the popular TENGA EGG LOVERS for free as well. Don’t miss out on the chance to experience sexual bliss with your loved one this Valentine’s day!

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