The collection of items TENGA produces ranges vastly from masturbation sleeves that can fit in your pocket, known as the POCKET TENGA, to mid-range reusable toys such as the TENGA Bobble or TENGA SPINNER, all the way up to our most high-end item, the TENGA FLIP ZERO ELECTRONIC VIBROTATION.

The FLIP ZERO EVR was released in March 2023, and has been impressing users with its high-tech, hyper-stimulating approach to masturbators since its release. While its predecessors, the FLIP ZERO and FLIP ZERO EV have satisfied customers for several years, the additional rolling and vibration sensations that the FLIP ZERO EVR bring to the table are otherworldly.

We’ve already told you why you should check out the FLIP ZERO ELECTRONIC VIBROTATION, but let's hear from customers what they think about the most advanced product on the TENGA STORE USA.



The TENGA FLIP ZERO EVR is the culmination of TENGA’s years of innovation and is truly the next step in the world of pleasure products.

With the vibrations of the FLIP ZERO EV Series and the rotation of the VACUUM GYRO ROLLER, it was only right to combine the two functionalities to make a rolling and vibrating FLIP ZERO!

While you might have imagined adjusting the rolling on the FLIP ZERO EVR with something like button controls, the design is more advanced than you could have imagined! An internal gyroscopic sensor lets you manipulate rotational stimulation by simply tilting the item. That means no fiddling with switches and triggers when trying to find your perfect rolling sensation, but instead a natural movement of the item to make your adjustments!

With three different rotation modes, a manual mode, and a Speed-Lock function to lock-in your preferred speed, the EVR shines in the customization department!

The EVR also features three different vibration patterns, as well as low and high settings. By mixing rolling and vibrations, the customization level of your EVR experience is sky-high!

The specs of the EVR had TENGA fans on the edge of their seats waiting for its release, and it did not disappoint! Let’s take a look at how users of the EVR reviewed their experience.

・Disclaimer: Reviews included have been edited for clarity.


Here are some of the reviews left from customers who purchased the FLIP ZERO ELECTRONIC VIBROTATION.


The only thing the Tenga Flip Zero - Electronic Vibrotation can't do is cook you breakfast in the morning.

Highly recommend

Amazing product

This product is simply amazing. The experience is mind-blowing. It has many settings to play with to get the best personal experience. Build quality is very good and durable. Highly recommend and totally worth it.

Top tier

I would recommend this product to anyone, any day of the week. It's just that good.


I’ve been waiting for this product to be released, and it did not disappoint! With the vibration and rotation, there are a lot of mode combos, so it would have been nice if those modes could be combined to make it simpler. I have the Flip EV and the quality is just as good. If your hesitating, take the leap, this product is amazing!

Very good product

Has multiple modes for when you want to turn it up and down which is very exciting.
The combo of the rotation and vibration are perfect.

Worth every penny


From reading the reviews, we can infer that The FLIP ZERO EVR experience is nothing short of a mind-blowing one.

If you’re in the market for a high-end item, one that includes rotating as well as vibrating functionality is likely to be satisfactory. TENGA products are well-renowned for their stimulating interior, and the addition of VIBROTATION technology takes this item to the next level.

If the rave reviews haven’t convinced you yet, read our blog on Why You Should Check Out the FLIP ZERO ELECTRONIC VIBROTATION.

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