Big Sex Toys from TENGA

The TENGA collection is an ever-growing one, with plenty of options for people with all sorts of preferences. Often, our preferences come from finding our perfect fit, which can be a hard task depending on what equipment you may be working with. Many sex toy users have trouble due to being too big to fit into standard size items, such as the world-renowned TENGA Original Vacuum Cup. Luckily for people looking for big sex toys, TENGA has plenty of items that are produced with a bigger user in mind, or have enough stretching capacity to fit any size.


Ultra-Size TENGA CUPs


With an insertion length of 6.7 inches long and 2.8 inches wide, the U.S. TENGA Original Vacuum Cup gives about an inch more space than the standard size TENGA Original Vacuum Cup

The U.S. stands for “Ultra-Size,” meaning these CUPs should make a good fit for those worried about being too big. The Original Vacuum CUP isn’t the only CUP to receive the Ultra-Size treatment, as a whole U.S. TENGA Series has been created in order to satisfy any ultra-size customers looking for bigger sex toys.

The U.S. Vacuum CUP Gentle and Strong provide a range of sensations for those looking for softer sensations or more intense stimulation when using their TENGA item. 

The U.S. Soft Tube CUP gives the user the ability to control the pressure and stimulation, regardless of their size. A squeeze and release inspired item that has plenty of popularity.

The U.S. Double Hole CUP features the same double-canal structure as its regular counterpart. Try out both sides to enjoy two sensations in one!

Stretchable Items


While the U.S. series was created with bigger units in mind, there are a number of TENGA products that have an elastic stretchability that create a one-size-fits-most design. 

The TENGA EGG is a classic TENGA favorite, not just because of its riveting stimulation but also because of its flexibility in usage and size. 

You can check out our vast selection of TENGA EGG products here or our blog on how to choose from the TENGA EGG series here if you’re looking for a trustworthy disposable item that will stretch to match almost any user.

Because the TENGA EGG is so beloved for its stretchy material, TENGA went on to create reusable products that match the EGG’s flexibility, but can be washed for repeat usage. 

The TENGA 3D Series was created with exquisite artistic direction. So much so that you could have one in your living room without guests batting an eye. These five items are a great fit for anyone looking for a simple yet classy item that can stretch to any size.

The TENGA GEO Series has a similar appeal to the 3D in being a reusable stretchable item. The main difference being its round shape, giving the user more surface area to stretch and fit to their size. There are three artsy GEOs to choose from and stretch out!

The TENGA SPINNER and Bobble series are also reusable TENGA items that are not encased, meaning their material can be stretched farther than other toys on the market. While not quite as flexible as the 3D and GEO, the Bobble can satisfy anyone looking to stretch out a soft item for a good time, and the SPINNER can do a good bit of stretching as well.

Big and Powerful

If you came to this blog looking for something with extra oomph, TENGA also provides a few larger and more high-powered items. 

As for reusables, the FLIP ZERO EV BLACK comes with built-in vibrating sensations that are sure to pack a punch.

If you”re looking to juice up your disposables, the TENGA VACUUM GYRO ROLLER combines the gyro-sensor-controlled-rotation of the TENGA GYRO ROLLER with the suction of the TENGA VACUUM CONTROLLER attachments. Simultaneously enjoy powerful rolling stimulation, and strong, electronic suction.

The pinnacle of TENGA’s high-powered items comes in the form of the TENGA FLIP ZERO EVR, loaded with both a rolling and vibration function that will please any thrill-seekers. The internals of this highly advanced big sex toy will take you beyond your limits. 


If you have ever felt left out of the fun of sex toys because you have simply never been able to fit inside, TENGA has a few products for you. The U.S. CUPs having a larger entry point and the EGGs’ stretchy material give any large user options of disposable products. The GEO, 3D, SPINNER and Bobble are trusty reusable items that can stretch to please any size member. Lastly, if you’re just looking for something big to play with, the FLIP Series has a number of items that are bound to satisfy any power-hungry TENGA fan.

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