Why Is My Penis Small?

When it comes to small penises, we have good news and we have bad news. The good news is that your penis might not be as small as you think it is. The bad news is, well, it might be. But there is more good news after hearing the bad news (we'll get to that later).

Thinking you have a small penis can be a very subjective issue, and can also become a problem if you start to lose confidence in your ability to have sex and satisfy your partner, as many continue to equate their penis size with masculinity. In this article, we hope to demystify some of these potentially false beliefs and help you focus on the more important, and pleasurable, things about having a penis.



 How Small is Small?

So you say your penis is small? How do you know that? Compared to whom, some porn star? They may have surgically enhanced themselves for show, which would be an unfair comparison, wouldn't it? A real study has been done on world penis size. Here are the (human) averages according to the recent study:

  •     The worldwide average penis length is 13.9 cm (5.47 in) long when erect
  •     The worldwide average penis length is 9.52 cm (3.75 in) long when flaccid
  •     The worldwide average penis girth is 11.83 cm (4.66 in) in circumference when erect
  •     The worldwide average penis girth is 9.38 cm (3.70 in) in circumference when flaccid

For us Americans, and for our neighbors to the North and South, here are our measured averages:

Country         Flaccid length          Erect length             

USA              9.6 cm(3.8 in)          14.15 cm(5.6 in) 

Canada         9.5 cm(3.74 in)        13.92 cm(5.5 in) 

Mexico          9.6 cm(3.8 in)          14.09 cm(5.55 in) 

If you are going to take out the tape measure and compare, you might find that you were worried over nothing. And even if you fall a bit short, it's good to know that in nature, penis size might correlate with an issue of survival. Having a scarcity of mating partners in the wild sometimes gives rise to increased size, which is a reflection of a bigger problem we humans hope never to face again. Always look on the bright side!


Bigger is not Always Better

Has anyone ever said this before, "Wow, that guy is hung like a gorilla!"

Actually, have you seen the size of a gorilla's penis? It's not that big. You would think that a huge, muscular gorilla would have a penis the size of a rocket. But in reality, they don't, or rather, they don't need to. Just as our penises are not the biggest in the animal kingdom, dominant male gorillas also have comparatively smaller sized penises, as some believe this is due to less competition for a mate. Sure, size and pageantry do count for everything in a peacock courtship ritual, but that's for the birds. Perhaps in the gorilla society, the dominant boss gets all the females and has no need for size down there.

Likewise, while most human societies don't have harems anymore, we also don't have such fierce competition in mating like some animal species do (although I'm sure some would disagree). But if you do go along with this theory, then maybe that is why humans have smaller penises than many animals. We win the favor of our mates in other ways. It's interesting to watch a TV show on nature and watch their colorful mating rituals, but, as a human, try and display all your glory out in public and see how long it takes for the police to come get you!


The Good News to the Bad News

As we mentioned earlier, there is some good news to the bad in case you still feel your penis is small. A study at UCLA found that 84 percent of partners felt they were satisfied with the size of their partner's penis. So you see, your partner didn't choose you based on penis size. Someone loves you just the way you are. You must have charmed the pants off of them (literally) with your personality!

It is true that a very small number of people do suffer from issues, such as trapped penis, sometimes called buried penis, or another condition called webbed penis, however these conditions are more an irregularity in the development of the penis at birth and are often corrected with surgery. These cases are rare and may make the penis look smaller.


So long as some people continue to equate their penis size with their masculinity, there will always be someone feeling inadequate. But that really has nothing to do with penis size and more to do with how they see themselves.

Chances are, your penis is not really that small, you just feel like it is. Sure, there are people with a little more length or girth, but as we have seen, a majority of partners that were surveyed seem to be pleasantly satisfied with their partners' penises.

So stop worrying about size and focus on satisfaction with your partner, or just yourself, and have a great time! If you are concerned about how long you last, there are exercises and practices you can use to prolong your lovemaking sessions. You might want to check out TENGA Healthcare's line of premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction products available. It's a great place to start.

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