Why is My Penis Head Mushroom-Shaped?

Has the thought ever crossed your mind? Either Mother Nature has a strange sense of humor, or there must be a good reason why our penises look mushroom-shaped. And why that particular shape? Why make it look like the phallus impudicus mushroom (sometimes called the common stinkhorn), one of the foulest smelling mushrooms out there? Why not a chanterelle, or an oyster mushroom, why not a shiitake? Aren't two heads supposed to be better than one? All kidding aside, penises are shaped the way they are for possibly some useful and even evolutionary purpose. Some people have a theory as to why. In this article, we will be discussing the subject of why penis heads look so much like mushrooms. 

While it's hardly worth "banging one's head against a wall" over, we do want to "put our heads together" and see if we can "get our heads around" this mystery. Because for far too long we have had our "heads buried in the sand" about this miracle of nature that has been gifted to us. So, let's delve further into the subject (and we promise to stop using any more bad penis puns).

The one and only phallus impudicus, named after you know what! 
courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Is it A Head, A Mushroom, An Acorn?

Actually, the technical term for the head of the penis is called the "glans penis" and the word "glans" is actually Latin, meaning acorn. Perhaps currently, with mushrooms of various varieties now being available all over the world, our visual image of the penis head has shifted from an acorn to a mushroom. To us, penis heads look mushroom-shaped and that's what we are sticking with. Sorry Romans, but acorns, really?

There is no Bone in our "Boner"

Somewhere along the evolutionary line, some mammals, like humans, may have lost their baculum, or penis bone (yes, a real bone). Many animals still have one, including the walrus, whose baculum are about 2 feet long. Even some primates still have a penis bone, such as the gorilla and the chimpanzee. And as chimpanzees do not have a glans penis, the baculum may serve as a kind of "shoehorn" helping the penis to penetrate. However, as we mentioned, humans do not have a baculum. As no one really knows why, we’ll chime in with our two cents, but perhaps this is some type of evolution, giving rise to the shape of our glans penis into the mushroom-like shape it currently has. The glans penis may have developed its unique mushroom-like rounded shape in order to facilitate penetration.

Scooping Out the Competition

Another theory for the mushroom-shaped penis head is that the shape of the glans penis serves another purpose. Not only is it smooth and round to help with penetration, but the edge of the glans penis, or the corona glandis, may serve as a useful tool in scooping out the semen of competitor males while allowing for their own semen to be deposited. 


We hope we have shed some light on possible reasons why the human penis is shaped like a mushroom. It still remains a bit of a mystery, this theory about mushroom-shaped penis heads, but now there may be some plausible reasons as to why certain parts of our body have evolved to what they look like today. At TENGA, we do understand different shapes and sizes, and have been dedicating our work towards bringing the ultimate pleasure to everyone. Even as your tastes and interests evolve, TENGA has a sex toy for you to explore and enjoy. We hope you check us out.

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