The Language of TENGA

Oct 13, 2020

Each industry has its own jargon, the sex toy industry included. TENGA itself uses some words and phrases that you may not have heard elsewhere.

This article will look into where some of these came from and what they mean, for our most popular products.


All Things TENGA

TENGA is revolutionizing the way people view sex toys, this of course means creating a new lexicon to show the differences to the past, such as the new adult concept for pleasure items.

‘New Adult Concept’ is right there on the logo, but what does it mean?

To usher in a new age of sex toys, with the image of sleek, clean visuals that people would be proud to buy and own, was the goal of TENGA. These revolutionary (or ‘New’) ‘Adult’ good’s ideas (Concept) are at the core of TENGA.

The term ‘Sex Toys’ also could have different meanings for different people. TENGA products could be used as a couple or for solo masturbation, the key point being that they give pleasure. Thus our products tend to be called ‘Pleasure Items’.

Looking at descriptions of TENGA products, you might see the term ‘Internal Details’, simply put, this means the designs that bring pleasure: all the nubs, bumps, and ridges that makes TENGA feel so good. Internal details are the most important, so we do not mention external details very much.

Classic CUPs

When going through products, it is always best to start with the series that started TENGA: The CUP.

Luckily images can clear up any confusion very well, but there are 3 terms to look into further: Air Hole, Smooth Pad, and U.S.

Up at the top of the item is the ‘Air Hole’, as expected it is a hole for air to escape from. When inserting, it allows the air to escape for easier entry, and once inside, covering it creates the vacuum suction inside the item.

At the bottom of the item is the ‘Smooth Pad’ around the insertion point. This cushioned part allows for smooth entry by applying lotion as you insert, as well as creating an air-tight seal and stopping lubricant from leaking out.

Finally, the term that causes the most confusion: ‘U.S.

While most people think it means ‘United States’, and is for products unique to the U.S.A., it actually stands for ‘Ultra Size’, and is for versions of the CUPs that are bigger than normal, for those who think the Original Standard CUP Series are a bit too snug.

Super Stretch

Let’s look at a special term attached to certain products, such as the EGG Series and the TENGA 3D Series.

The material used in these products is slightly different than our other products, in that they are capable of stretching further than you might think. This is why we called the material they are made from ‘Super-Stretch Material’.

Fantastic FLIPs

Flipping open for easy cleaning was not the only revolutionary idea of the TENGA FLIP Series. There are also the Pressure Pads and the Vibration Cores of the FLIP 0 EV.

The ‘Pressure Pads’ are pads on the sides that can be squeezed to increase the pressure inside the item. Push on a certain part for precise pressure, or in the middle for all over stimulation.

The most advanced of the FLIP Series are the FLIP 0 EVs. The E.V. Stands for ‘Electronic Vibration’ as it has electric motors inside to produce vibrating sensations. To add a unique TENGA twist, the motors are called ‘Vibration Cores’ as they are the centers of the vibrations.


TENGA will continue to redefine adult concepts, with products that bring a touch of elegance to pleasure. Although our language might be new, we hope that they are mostly self-evident in their meaning.

As always, feel free to contact us if anything needs clarification!