How to spice up your married life with sex toys


Whether you have a great married life or you feel there is room for improvement, a lot of couples agree that an active sex life can lead to a better married one. An active sex life is not only great for self-care and wellness, but can improve your relationship not just in the bedroom but also out of it. 

Your sex life is important to married life

According to TENGA’s 2018 Global Self-Pleasure report, it was found that both 90% of American men and women think that men who use sex toys are more satisfying lovers! With that in mind, the openness to use sex toys in your married sex life can lead to positive improvements. There are plenty of sex toys on the market that are sold specifically for use with a partner, so it can sometimes be a little confusing where to start. TENGA has a variety of masturbation aids that can be used both solo or with a partner, so we’d like to introduce you to a few that might help spice things up. 

Sex toys can help improve your married life

A lot of TENGA products can be incorporated into your sex life, but first we’ll take a look at the TENGA SVR and SVR+, a vibrator specifically designed for use as a couple. 


The SVR and SVR+ is made with body safe silicone, with the ring capable of stretching for use with your fingers or as a cock ring. There are also 5 vibration strengths and 2 rhythm modes, so you can vary the intensity during your foreplay to slowly heat things up or bring things to an intense climax! The SVR and SVR+ is also waterproof up to 50 cms, so you can explore spicing up your sex life in the bath or shower.

We also have the more beginner-friendly SVR one, with simple ON/OFF controls, lower priced and battery powered, and with a C-shaped ring, allowing you to attach or remove it at any time.

TENGA Variety EGG Packs

The TENGA EGG series, although designed for solo use, can also be used with a partner. TENGA EGGs come both as singular EGGs or in Variety Packs, which means they are perfect for experimenting with as a couple if you don’t want to spend too much money on items you’re unfamiliar with or unsure of. Each TENGA EGG has a unique interior design, so you can spice up your sex life by trying to find your partners favorite pattern with aided masturbation! 

In fact, the TENGA EGG has been acknowledged as a couples item so much that TENGA has also released the TENGA EGG Lover. Although originally a Valentine's day item, this product is perfect for adding a little partnered pleasure.


Much like the TENGA EGG, the TENGA SPINNER, and 3D series are originally designed for solo use, however can easily be combined with partner play for additional excitement. These masturbation aids also feature a variety of unique interior designs for different sensations. Combine this with partnered masturbation and the pleasure from these items can take on new levels.

It’s ok to still masturbate alone

Your sex life as a married couple is important, but just as important is your individual sexual health and wellness. It’s completely natural and healthy to continue solo masturbation even when in a great marriage or partnership. Taking the time out to explore and pleasure yourself away from your partner can help you to better understand yourself as an individual, increase your sexual wellness, and also help improve your knowledge of what works best for you when you for when you have sex with your partner.

The aboveTENGA EGG, the TENGA SPINNER, and 3D series are all perfect if you want masturbatory aids that you can use both with your partner or on your own, however any of the TENGA range can be used. 

The TENGA FLIP series can be a perfect example of a mastubatory aid that can be used solo without any guilt as it provides stimulation and sensations that would be difficult to emulate with partnered play. You can take the time to explore your own sexual-wellness with this indulgent item and then be ready to explore with your partner later!

Improve your married life with sex toys

We hope that we’ve introduced you to a few potential mastubatory aids and products that can be used in your marriage or partnership. Each of the products are from different price ranges and serve different purposes, so you can choose which one might work best for you to experiment with first. Hopefully you’ll be adding some spice to your married sex life soon!

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