Using Condoms on Sex Toys

We often hear the phrase "sharing is caring." While we understand that sharing items of endearment with someone you love can be an expression of closeness and affection, in terms of infectious diseases, however, sharing is definitely not the way to go. 

When it comes to the early stages of a relationship, and having sexual relations, it may be wise to steer on the safe side at first and use protection, such as a condom, for both you and your partner's health and safety. Even sharing sex toys, especially in the heat of the moment, can be a risk. It is better to plan for safety now before being sorry. Here, we take a look at a few precautions that will help keep your relationship safe and happy while sharing the same pleasure items.




Why a Condom on a Sex Toy Is a Good Idea

If you've already found someone special and have been together for a certain time, chances are you probably have developed a level of trust where you can feel more open and even vulnerable with them. As you get closer to one another in your relationship, you might find yourself sharing different items, drinking from the same glass, sometimes eating each other's food, maybe even sharing the same sex toys in the passion of the moment. However, if you are just beginning a close relationship with a partner, there may be a small shred of concern over their sexual health and safety from their previous relationships. 

Even if you, or your partner, are not infected with an STI (sexually transmitted infection), some bacteria, such as e-coli can be transmitted through the skin during sexual contact. A condom can serve as a barrier between the sex toy and the body, reducing the risk of bacterial or viral transmission. 

Would it be a deal breaker for you or your partner if one of you asked to use a condom while sharing toys? We understand it's not the sexiest talk to have, but having the talk before it's too late is the only time to prevent someone you care about from getting sick from what was meant to be an intimate moment. 

Prolonging the Life of Your Sex Toy

Another possible benefit of using a condom with your masturbator is that it may help prolong the life of your toy. In our FAQs, we always advise our customers to only use our water-based TENGA lotions for easy and sanitary cleanup. 

A reason for this is that our elastomers are porous and may trap dirt and oils if using different lotions that are not water soluble. Likewise, body fluids, which could potentially contain any number of oils, bacteria, and even a sexually transmitted illness, when directly in contact with the elastomer can also get trapped in the elastomer pores if not thoroughly washed. 

Using a condom to ejaculate reduces the amount of oil and organic fluid which may get trapped in the holes of the elastomer. While it's not a necessary practice, and the feel of using a condom may be different from what you are used to, it may be worth noting when considering the safety and longevity of your sex toy.

Tips When Using a Condom on A Sex Toy

As we mentioned earlier, using non water-based lotions on an elastomer may make it difficult to thoroughly clean trapped oils and dirt, as you may then need strong cleansers to clean your sex toy which, in turn, could damage the elastomer. Trapped contaminants that cannot be thoroughly cleaned may cause the elastomer to attract bacteria and mold. At that point, we would recommend disposal of the item. That is why we suggest using water-based lotions such as our TENGA Lotions, designed for use with our TENGA products

Also, choose a water-based prelubricated condom over oil or silicone based lubrication. For the same reason as mentioned above, cleaning and maintenance will be far less troublesome.

If using a condom when you usually don't, it may take some time to get used to the sensation. Be generous with the lotion and see how the gliding action of the masturbator feels on your shaft. Also, if the sensation is less than what you are used to, you may want to try a different elastomer firmness, such as a FLIP ZERO Black.  

Lastly, don't feel guilty about asking your partner to take precautions if you feel apprehensive about your current sexual activity. You're not just doing it for yourself, you are also doing it for your partner. The more confident you feel about you and your partner’s pleasure, the better satisfaction you both will feel in the end. 


While our ultimate goal is for you to experience the best self or partnered pleasure you can have, we don't believe that your health and safety should ever be compromised. Of course, there is no one hundred percent safe method for preventing the risk of some kind of infection, but if you are sharing sex toys with a partner and neither of you are sure if the other has a contractible illness, it may be best to take precautions. Using condoms on your sex toys is an easy and safe alternative to staying healthy.

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