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September is Sexual Health month and we wanted to take the time to highlight something that's very important to self-pleasure but often overlooked... lubrication!

Not only that, but the recent release of our newest FLIP ZERO product - the FLIP ZERO GRAVITY - is the perfect product to showcase just how essential and exciting lubrication can be to your experience.

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To celebrate this month dedicated to sexual wellness, we want to give you the opportunity to explore the infinite possibilities of pleasure that the FLIP ZERO GRAVITY can deliver when combined with our various HOLE LOTIONs.

We're offering three combination bundles, each focused on giving alternate dimensions of pleasure.

First, let us introduce you to the unique aspects of each individual LOTION and how they can combine with the sensational FLIP ZERO GRAVITY.

A Different Feel With Each HOLE LOTION

Direct stimulation for a feeling that’s WILD !

Moisture retentive lubricant that feels REAL !

Delicately enveloping lubricant that’s MILD !

Feel each SOLID edge !

Here's a handy visual guide of the thickness of each of the HOLE LOTIONs.

The new FLIP ZERO GRAVITY features luxurious detailing, whose lower elevation allows you to enjoy stimulation from fast, smooth strokes that aren't possible with the larger ribs of the original series. We've reduced the empty spaces inside the FLIP ZERO's internal design to provide the most densely-packed details to date.


We have three stimulating bundles, each offering a different experience. We've also included a suggestion for each, but feel free to discover your own combinations!


Try the FLIP ZERO GRAVITY with the contrasting WILD and MILD LOTIONs. The WILD LOTION allows you to feel all the finer details of the FLIP 0 GRAVITY, with a slight cooling menthol boost. The MILD LOTION gives a thicker, smoother experience.

Our suggestion: try adding the MILD LOTION close to the insertion point and the WILD LOTION deeper into the FLIP 0 GRAVITY - for a smooth entry but the ability to feel every detail when fully inserted.



Try the FLIP ZERO GRAVITY with the opposites experiences of the REAL and SOLID LOTIONs. The REAL is our most popular LOTION, for a more realistic feel. The SOLID LOTION lets you focus on only the biggest and boldest of details.

Our suggestion: try the REAL LOTION near the entry point and the SOLID LOTION deeper into the FLIP 0 GRAVITY - to give a more detailed stimulation along the shaft, with only the boldest details being experienced at the tip.


For the ultimate number of possibilities, try the FLIP ZERO GRAVITY with all available LOTIONs. Discover the LOTION combination that brings you the most pleasure!

Our suggestion: Go WILD so to speak! Experiment with all of our four LOTIONs to find out which combination works for you.

Lubrication can be vital for sexual health, as the use of lotion can reduce the chance of injury or chafing, allowing you to safely self-pleasure.

However, sexual health is not only physical! By trying out different lotions and combinations you can enhance and increase the experience you receive from your products, making yourself feel better, boosting your mood and allow you to enjoy your sexuality on a whole new level.

So this Sexual Health month, take time to experiment with lubrication and see how it can make masturbation better.

Plus, if you you pick up one of our limited-time bundles, enjoy an alternate dimension of the ultimate in luxurious pleasure with the FLIP ZERO GRAVITY.

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