Gift ideas

Want to get an exciting gift for that special someone? (or yourself, you're special too!)

Here are some ideas for different types and prices:


Under $20

Original Vacuum CUP + EGG Wavy ($14.50)
A combo of 2 of the most popular TENGA items is sure to be appreciated!

The hard-cased CUP and super-stretch EGG allow you to enjoy very different sensations, and with the low price they're perfect for trying something new, or to make a special day that bit more special.


Under $100


TENGA FLIP 0 or TENGA FLIP 0 Black ($99)
The masturbator made with our most advanced technology comes in white; for gentler sensations, or black; for more intense sensations.

With an insertion point that stops leakage, a one-way valve for strong suction, and the ability to flip open for easy cleanup; the FLIP 0 will make the perfect gift!


TENGA SVR Series ($80)
The TENGA SVR adds to partnered pleasure, with a strong vibration and multiple modes to choose from; the SVR is designed for a comfortable fit.
There are 3 colors to choose from: Black, Pearl White and Carmine.



Under $30

iroha stick ($20)
Discreet and waterproof, the stick can be used to make your day more exciting, wherever you may be.

There are 3 colors of iroha stick to choose from: coral × graylilac × black, and light pink × white.

Under $100


iroha Series: YUKI, MIDORI and SAKURA ($90)
The original iroha line, with multiple vibration patterns and Soft-Touch Silicone for a luxurious experience.

Each item has a different shape for a variety of way to use them. The YUKI has a partially-insertable tip, the MIDORI can provide pinpoint vibrations and the SAKURA can pinch and tease with the indented tip.


Can't decide?

Why not give a gift card? That way they are free to choose exactly what they want.
Available in $10, $25, $50 and $100