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FLIP ORB - Orange Crash

$63.99 $79.99

Size (D × W × H inches): 2.80 × 3.39 × 7.01

Insertion Length (inches): 5.51

Insertion Width (inches): 1.38

Weight (lbs): 0.87

Other Specs: Reusable, Sample Lotion Included

Materials:  ABS / PC / Elastomer

WARNING: California's Proposition 65 (Blister package)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Didn't do it for me

I am giving this 2 stars because this didn't do it for me. I bought both this and the blue version (both white case), and the blue one is just amazing.

The construction is solid, and the cleaning is easy. Also, the design is really beautiful!

NOTE: First I tried the Blue Orb one (felt amazing) , then this Orange Orb (I didn't feel it much), and then again the Blue Orb one (felt amazing, again!). All within 2-3 hours. Also, my "size" is average.


The bumps on the orb feel heavenly! I recommend this product!

Quality Product with Minor Complaint

I think this is a great product overall. Easily the best build quality and design of the flip series. The cap system feels much more secure than the old sliding rail system found on the original flip and flip zero. The shape contours well to the hand and cleaning is a breeze as usual. I like the cap design for drying as well.

My only complaint is that the orbs themselves are a hard plastic underneath the soft coating. If you are on the thicker side (5.5in + circumference) than the orbs are a bit over stimulating and can press into you a bit hard. It's not enough to ruin the experience but I preferred the completely soft interior of the original flip hole.

I would love to see a redesign of the original interior with the flip orb housing. I think that would be a great addition to the line.

No Flip Zero

It’s handy and easy to hold. Suction is good, but the complexity of the stimulation is no where near as impressive as the Flip Zero.

If you are looking for stronger sensations, the FLIP ORB Strong has firmer material and bolder internal details