FLIP ORB STRONG - Orange Crash

Regular price $79.99

Size (D × W × H inches): 2.80 × 3.39 × 7.01

Insertion Length (inches): 5.51

Insertion Width (inches): 1.38

Weight (lbs): 0.88

Other Specs: Reusable, Sample Lotion Included

Materials:  ABS / PC / Elastomer

WARNING: California's Proposition 65 (Blister package)

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews

It was okay I wish it could vibrate and could be a-little stronger

It feels good but the usual issues with these toys

The parts of my dick that fit in the toy it felt great especially if u warm the lube and the devices. If u have a thick dick the toy just pops open and ruins the fun


Feel is not so well

It's good!

I personally liked this toy a lot! Cleaning is easy and convenient, and you get a lot of stimulation from using it. I'm overall glad I made this purchase, but I miscalculated the sizing. I thought it would fit like a glove, but the orbs felt a little abrasive at times. This is an error on my end, not the product. The length wasn't particularly a problem, but pay attention to your girth! If you are too girthy, this toy may not be for you.

The suction can be really powerful. To give you an idea, someone could stand up without holding the toy and it won't slide down the penis (even with a lot of lube). This will take some individual experimenting to figure out the amount of suction that is desirable. If you go maximum suction, it will pull everything out of you! This, at least for me, produced a really nice feeling. Additionally, if you use the toy at a specific angle, you can achieve some serious frenulum stimulation. I'm sure by looking at the toy's orbs you could figure out how to do it!

When you are using this toy, the product actually seems to absorb and trap heat from your penis. I don't know if this is common among sex toys, but this product seemed to do it particularly well! This feature added to the overall pleasure, and it made me want to engage in longer masturbation sessions. If you are like me and you like to take your time, this toy would be a great pick for you (in that regard).

When purchasing this product, I was really excited for the end orb. Unfortunately, I was a little disappointed - as I didn't really feel the stimulation from hitting it. The end orb also makes it hard to tell when you've reached the end of the toy (The toy actually snapped open while I was using it because I couldn't quite feel where it ended lol!). This isn't huge a drawback for me, but it is important to be aware of nonetheless.

This thing requires a crap ton of lube! Holy crap (haha!). This toy traps lube within itself, but within that process, wipes the lube off your penis if you go for long strokes. This can make insertion during a single masturbation session very annoying and difficult, and will require you to reapply lube. If I may offer a tip, maybe opening the toy and rubbing your penis through the inside of the toy (to get some of the lube already inside) may help with re-insertion. This will also prevent you from using all your lube! The Tenga lube / lotions are incredible in my opinion, and for this toy, I would recommend a mixture of the wild and solid lotions! (Trust me)

If you want (or need) some quiet masturbation, this toy may not be for you. The toy itself actually makes a lot of noise, and if using a lot of lube, will sound like an actual blow job. If noise isn't a concern, this is incredible and a huge turn on! But if you are trying to be discreet, I would be careful using this toy. Either the toy will make noise or YOU will!

The toy exhausts me, so I only use it for special or really horny nights. But I mean that in a good way! I was exciting to first start using it, and I still get excited to use it. This toy will not replace sex for you, but it is decent alternative and it can be really fun to use! Again, I wholehearted encourage you to explore Tenga's different lotion options. The lotions are designed for this toy (some better than others) and it will totally add to the experience!

A little rough

The orbs are literally hard plastic under the silicone. probably enjoyable if you’re into a rough ride but not good for the more sensitive guys. The pressure buttons are nice but I’m not very good and this thing was kinda beating me up. use LOTS of lube.