What are the Dangers of Masturbation?

Many people are worried about negative side effects masturbation could have on their health.
This article will go through some of the most common myths and questions, and hopefully put your minds at ease.


Crazy Myths from Long Ago

This article will avoid the outlandish claims you might have heard in your youth, about hairy palms, blindness, and so on. 

They come from a time when moralists considered self-pleasure as a ‘Heinous Sin’ and made these cautionary tales to deter people from taking part.
One extreme example is the book ‘Le Livre Sans Titre’ from 1830, telling the story of a boy who masturbated and ended up wasting away and dying at the age of 17.
If this was true the population of the world would have been reduced to nothing a long time ago!

Frequently Asked Questions from the Modern Day

There are so many supposed dangers out there, but we will focus on the more realistic modern ones.

Will masturbation lower my sperm count (and so lower fertility)?

- After ejaculation, the sperm count drops, luckily the body is constantly producing new sperm. Frequent masturbation will keep the sperm count low, but if you’re really concerned, doctors say refraining from masturbation for a few days to a week is enough to boost the numbers back up.

Will masturbation lower my testosterone and make me less virile?

- Testosterone levels rise during sexual activity and lower during calmer times. There is no definitive evidence to suggest that testosterone levels are affected by frequent masturbation in the long term.

Can I damage my penis by masturbating?

- As with any healthy exercise, all things in moderation. If the actions are vigorous and prolonged, especially without lubrication, it can cause chafing and swelling. Always stop before it gets to this point, before it leads to small cuts and possible infection
*Penile fracturing, or ‘breaking your penis’, is more commonly known to be caused by sex, not masturbation, when the penis hits a solid surface. With regular masturbation methods this should not be an issue.

What effects will masturbation have on sex?

- Premature ejaculation is not thought to be caused by masturbation. In fact, some methods of masturbation are being used to help with the issue instead.
Delayed ejaculation and intravaginal ejaculation disorder (the inability to climax during sex) can be caused by certain methods of masturbation that differ greatly in style from sexual intercourse. As the hand can move much faster and grip stronger than sensations during intercourse, they can have difficulty reaching orgasm with a partner. You can read more about these 2 disorders in this blog post

Taking Care of Sexual Health

The above points will hopefully set hearts at ease, but in case you are still feeling worried, let’s go through what can be done about these conditions, whether they are related to masturbation or not.
If you are experiencing any of these conditions, please speak to a medical professional first, though you can also do things to help.

Low Sperm Count
If low sperm count is an issue for you and you believe that it is caused by masturbation, taking a break of a couple of days will make it go back up. If this is a chronic issue, then see a medical professional and change to a healthier lifestyle. Exercise, sleeping and relaxing properly, and a healthy diet can increase sperm count, as well as avoiding alcohol and cigarettes.

Low Testosterone
It is best to consult a medical professional, as there are many medical reasons that could be behind this. As always exercise and a healthy diet can help.

Injury to the penis
If chafing occurs, slow down, loosen the grip, and use lubrication. By using TENGA products with plenty of lotion, this will not be an issue!

Ejaculation Disorders
As mentioned earlier, speak to a medical professional first if you think you might be affected. Various treatments can be used depending on the cause, from medicines to psychological treatments.

Both TENGA and TENGA Healthcare have worked with urologists and fertility experts in researching ways that masturbation can help. We have found good results and launched products in Japan to this end.

Premature ejaculation can be treated with the squeeze as well as the stop and start masturbation methods. By using items such as the FLIP Series, it is possible to train yourself to get used to stronger and stronger sensations as well, moving onto more intense sensations as you progress. Read the article here (English is at the end)

Delayed ejaculation and intravaginal ejaculation disorder can be treated with masturbation as well, by using methods that create sensations closer to intercourse. Hard cased TENGA products can help to lessen the grip. Getting used to gentler products will make climax easier. The article is available here, with an English translation at the end.


Masturbation can be a great thing, with many positive effects on health so long as it is not done too aggressively, or in a way that is very different from what can be achieved with a partner.
So take your time, relax, and enjoy!

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