What are Ejaculation Disorders? Can They be Affected by Masturbation?

This article will be about ejaculation disorders, specifically in regards to being unable to climax from regular intercourse, and any possible connections with masturbation.

They can affect the ability to perform sexually or have children in the future, and so it is vital to be aware.

This article will go through the possible issues, how they arise, and how they can be avoided.

Let's start by looking into the various ways people masturbate, and the possible effects on ejaculation.


Ways to Masturbate

A survey in Japan of over 5,000 people shows how people masturbate, both positions and methods. As self-pleasure is a personal, unique experience, there is no single ‘correct’ way of doing it. From the results you will see, the positions people use are pretty evenly distributed across the board, no one needs to feel like they are doing it ‘wrong’.

Certain positions can lead to unadvised techniques being used, we’ll come to that after having a look at the data.

Masturbation Positions

Honorable mentions:

Standing 4.3%

Kneeling 2.9%

Seiza (Kneeling with the top of the feet flat on the floor) 2.6%

On All Fours 0.4%

Other 0.6%

There are a couple of these positions, where certain techniques could lead to issues, so let’s have a look at the different methods that are used as well:

Masturbation Methods

Honorable mentions:

Soap 4.2%

Vibrators 4.2%

Anal stimulation 0.8%

Running water 0.8%

Autofellatio 0.6%

Other 2.0%


Can you guess which of these may lead to problems? Keep reading to find out about the different types of ejaculation disorder.


The Disorders

The two main ejaculation disorders we will talk about are delayed ejaculation and intravaginal ejaculation disorder and how they can arise from certain masturbation methods.

Delayed Ejaculation and Intravaginal Ejaculation Disorder

Delayed ejaculation is where a man can take an unusually long time to climax, and in some cases cannot climax at all. Intravaginal ejaculation disorder can be a major issue for couples trying to conceive, as it means the man is unable to ejaculate in the vagina.

One of the causes for these disorders can be masturbation methods that cause the body to respond to stimuli that is very different to vaginal intercourse.

The troublesome positions/methods:

  • Lying Down
  • Face Down
  • Tensing Legs
  • Rubbing on Surfaces

Lying down and tensing legs is one of the troublesome combinations. As completely tensing legs is not a natural thing to do during sexual intercourse, they cannot use the usual sensations needed to climax. 

The other most troublesome combination is face down, rubbing on surfaces. A lot of pressure on one side of the penis is very different from intravaginal sex, so people who use this method also have problems climaxing with a partner.

Even the most common method of moving your hand up and down can cause problems if the grip is too tight (commonly known as 'deathgrip') or the speed is too high, as the sensation differs too much from normal intercourse, as even Olympians cannot keep up that pace for long.

There are many other factors that could cause these disorders as well. Both physical, such as medications and nerve damage, to mental, such as stress and anxiety. 

Possible Treatments

The good news is that there are things that can be done to help recover. Since the issue is getting used to sensations and techniques that would not be found in normal coupled intercourse, the way to treat it is to train the body to respond to sensations that are.

By gradually being able to climax with more gentle stimulation and more natural sensations, it is possible to be able to ejaculate intravaginally once again.

Of course, before you do anything else, it is best to speak to your doctor.

We have also worked with urologists and fertility experts and researched ways in which TENGA can help. Using items with a harder case, it is possible to avoid applying too much pressure (so you won't suffer from the dreaded 'deathgrip' syndrome). Use the products at the speed of regular sex, and once able to climax from that alone, move on to more gentle products. For example starting with the stronger Black TENGA products, then moving on to the gentler White TENGA products. 

By getting used to more and more gentle sensations, it should be possible to climax in a timely manner from partnered sex once again.


Masturbation is fun and can be good for you! But you need to be careful to not fall into bad habits. As long as you do not rely on methods that are vastly different from partnered sexual sensations there should be no issues down the line.

Don’t grip too hard, don’t only use one unique masturbation style, but most importantly, have fun! Switch up methods and positions to always keep things fresh.

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